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Do What Makes Your Heart Sing ... 

For the past 21 years, I have been telling my son, "do what makes your heart sing. Whatever you choose to do in life, let it be something that makes you happy!" It's good advice, so why was I not listening to myself? In early 2021 after a health scare, I decided to do exactly that. And what made me happy was to cook, but not just for friends and family, but for Church and Community Groups too. That and to organise events to support my many creative and musical friends in the pursuit of their own happiness ... Not to mention driving in my little old MG with the music playing so loudly I blew the speakers!  So why not combine all of this really good stuff?

The time was right and the plunge was taken.

Good Cook turned Chef ... 

Now cooking for your friends is one thing, but to do it commercially and to make a living out of it is completely another ... And whilst I have cooked for many years for literally 1000's of people, Chefs train for years, and it's important to get it right! 

After I had enrolled in and completed a Leith School of Food and wine 6 months course and worked with GCDA to ensure that my health & safety and practical skills were up to date, I determined that it was possible for me to change direction, even in my 50's.

Moveable Feasts London Ltd

Moveable Feasts was launched on the 20th October 2021.

It's still new and still very exciting.  I'm now looking forward to sharing my love of food and good music with you, not forgetting driving to wherever you are, music playing, and hopefully making your heart sing too.