Add That Little Bit of Magic 

Whether David Williams plays solo or with his  trio, he always brings that little bit of magic along with him. 

There is not a single event on the planet, that is not enhanced by a bit of music or entertainment. Here are just a few examples of how we can add that little bit of sparkle to your event. 

Comedian Tarek Glata joins Moveable Feasts to bring a little sarcastic laughter to our events. For the eagle eyed, yes he does share his surname with our founder. 

When Sadie Willsher sings, you can't help yourself from smiling. When she's accompanied by Nigel Brunt, that's when the real magic happens. 

The much loved Richard Finch-Turner is as comfortable on a bass guitar as he is crooning away to the jazz standards. 

James Kinsella, from Aspects of Opera joins Moveable Feasts for our 'Pop Up' Opera Dinners and Community Events